Hello, I am Igor, live in Voronezh, Russia.
What do I like? Jogging in the morning, early morning, the forest 5-7 kilometers)float, float on water, 1 kilometer, and better in the sea, eat food prepared by my Princess, her happy eyes and a grateful glance, the joy on the faces of the parents, sincere talk with like minded people, driving the wheel of his car, almost all rows runner Murakami and accursed Welsh, watch a movie, after which you can't find a place. I like honesty and decency, reasoning about Actions of people humming under his breath while processing a photo, light, water, mostly hot,cool summer evenings and of course to travel - I have a special relationship to Thailand, shot there for two years in a row wedding ceremony, and many times there will be. Incredibly strange, close, on attitude country. This year we conquered Greece, card newlyweds are going to see on this website.
The wedding appreciate genuine open feelings, emotions, love. All this try to get by without interfering with the process.